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Stronger posture helps back and neck pain, and also helps you feel better in general as you breathe deeper, reduce stress, and have more energy. People who regularly do corrective exercises report improvement with problems ranging from knee pain to headaches, and say they even feel and sometimes look, taller and thinner.


Young or old, athlete or couch potato, posture-strengthening exercises are an intelligent Life Habit for aging well. These exercises are based on contemporary bio-mechanical concepts blended with ancient yoga practices and wisdom. The goal is to become aware of posture as you strengthen posture and balance. StrongPosture® exercise can be done anywhere and does not require any expensive equipment. A flat wall is necessary as a reference for erect posture, and an exercise ball once you progress through the program.


To change your posture, you need to teach your body a new habit. “Straighten up and don’t slouch” doesn’t work. In order to change how you move, you need to adopt new habits to consciously train new patterns of motion, thereby retraining your body to move better unconsciously as well. Strengthening your posture with daily posture exercises as part of your regular physical activity for just 5 to 10 minutes a day will help you keep moving well as you age.

Postural Development

from 0-5 yrs

Starting at birth, factors influence our future postural development. It's important to be aware of postural habits even at such an early age as these very often signal the beginnings of miss-alignment and uneven use of the body as we grow older.

Postural Development
 to Young Adult

Toddlers become children and children become teenagers and for all of them the process of growing up involves their bodies undergoing considerable and often rapid changes. At the same time they enjoy the rough and tumble as they explore the world ar…

Postural Implications

in the Workplace

Sitting in one position for long periods of time is not good for the body, Our bodies need movement and without that, muscles and joints can stiffen and circulation is affected. Carrying bags or laptops on one side can throw the body out and cause postural imbalance.

Postural Health

Later Life

Postural patterns that we have established in our earlier life can start to have wider implications, and lead to joint pain and even uneven wear on joints. 

Becoming less active and less inclined to mobilise our bodies gradually leads to muscle weakness and instability.

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Awareness is the 1st step to improving posture




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